Unable to play online

Just tried going online multiplayer for first time and after 30 minutes of being told it was unable to find game I gave up. I tried various game types but all the same result. Thoughts please


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This may be a NAT issue like I had. When online check your connection settings to see what type of NAT you have. There are 3 types: strict, moderate & open. Open is the least restrictive of the three. Mine was strict and I could never join in on the league races until I changed it. Net search "xbox one change nat" and you will be presented with a number of sites offering a solution. If you aren't tech savvy pick one which you find easy to understand as it can seem a very daunting process. Get it right and you will be punching the air like I was!

It's not a NAT issue, loads of us can't get on today.

finally they admit there's a problem support.xbox.com/.../xbox-live-status

I apologise for posting a possible solution to this players problem. I have been recieving these error  messages since day 1 and changing my NAT status last weekend fixed it. Up to then I only managed to races leagues once and race multi-player once, not due to lack of trying.

You dont want to play this game online. Too many wreckers. Just finished 6 races and never completed one. This is what sucks about Forza 6.

Online play for most is broken. The November patch has made it worse. Its all over the forza forums. There are a lot of unhappy people. T10 are saying its a  Microsoft problem Microsoft say the problem is with the developers T10.

this means we shouldn't expect a resolution anytime soon.