Unable to play Madden25 online.

For whatever reason my game locks up every time I try load online / quick match.

Everything else works perfectly fine. I can play MUT online random, play a friend, and so fourth.

When I am actually in a game I have 0 lag issues, and all my other online games work perfectly fine.

Yet every time I try play a random H2H match I get stuck loading the teams and eventually it says I was disconnected from the EA server..

Anyone else having connection issues? I assumed it was launch bugs, funny enough when I clear my cache before

each Madden session it was working as long as I never left the game. But now that isn't working either. 


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try cancelling the "connecting to EA servers" at start up, just press B when it is trying, then after the game has loaded, connect manually. Was RT in M13. seems to be a workaround for some people.

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Surprisingly that actually worked. I can also get to an empty online game and wait for others to join my game too. Either way it does finally allow me to play online H2H again. Thanks man you're a life saver. I will assume this is EA's approach to forcing MUT on us and the CashShop transactions.