unable to obtain buy land dialog from asifur Morthal

On my second play threw of skyrim with all the DLC add on. I've have done the main quest and compainons quest, the dawnguard and 90%  of dragonborn. the only bit of the civil war i touched was the peace sumit at the grey beard dewlings . I've managed to buy and build in falkreath hold-lakeview manor ( i was sent a note to buy the land) but im unable to get the dialog needed in morthal with Asifur to buy land there the jarl is still Idgred Ravencrone, I haven't tryed dawnstsr yet. any help would be great.


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Are you Thane there yet? Try helping the people of the hold (google the prerequisites for the hold you want, because chopping firewood & mining ore for specific people count). Also, ask the steward if there's any work -- maybe you'll even get lucky & the steward will have the option to buy a plot of land.

I'm not Thane yet in that hold been trying to do the quest for the hold.

Like I said, google what you have to do to become thane of that hold & do it. Then see if the jarl has the dialogue option "is there anything my jarl needs." It may also ignite the option for the steward to sell you the plot.