Unable to do very first provisioning writ...

I'm able to do the smithing and alchemy and enchanting writs, but I can't even do the very first provisioning quest...I need to make carrot soup and golden lager, and I have plenty of carrots and wheat...I don't know what to do, I think I'm supposed to go to a cooking fire, but I can only make stuff I have recipes for...anybody able to help? I don't know which NPC to approach, I think it was in Daggerfell's Inn, but nobody has the quest arrow above them...


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Does anyone know what the joke is here?  I'm level 41 and can't even make carrot soup and golden lager!  Where do we get these Level 1 recipes?

I feel your pain having had the same problem. So, you have any alts that know those recipes? Do you search diligently for recipes? All you need is the food itself and as a last resort you can just buy it but if any of your alts or guildmates can make it then it can be banked and you can use it. I ended up buying what I needed. I can't say what that is because microsoft wants to protect our sensibilities by not allowing us to say chicken brest.

edit: Buy food from a chef usually in a tavern.

Like you, I kept taking my recipes and foods to a cooking fire and couldn't do anything with them. Also, my recipes were accumulating in my inventory taking up valuable space. Finally, I consulted the tutorial in the help section. Ha Ha, DUMB ME. By "use the recipe" they mean literally that. Go to your inventory, select your recipe, and hit "use."  The recipe vanishes from your inventory and you now know it! Then you have to spend some points on those required provisioning skills.  BTW, I'm saying all of this although I still have not actually cooked anything. Had some server problems over the weekend.

I have 2 characters both who know over 100 recipes each and am unable to finish the first writ with either of them.  It seems that the level 1 recipes needed are fairly rare,  I check the guild traders and search high and low but no luck.  BTW neither of my characters has golden lager or carrot soup.  You can try abandoning the writ a getting a new one which might have a different pair of recipes.

It does seem illogical for level 1 recipes to be so hard to come by.

Thanks Pepsi, Android, and Lady (I remember you from the Skyrim forums!) I'm not in any guilds, so I don't have any alts, I guess they could be bought from guild traders.  Yeah, I know the bit about using the recipe to learn them, I just haven't found the two level one recipes, I have a bunch of complex ones learned...I give up on the stupid provisioning thing, and I'll be damned if I fill up my valuable bank and storage space with stolen lemons...thanks though, guys!

I'm in one kind of empty guild but I have 16 alts; 8 on each server. What can I say, I like to make characters. After I finally bought the chicken and one of my alts made the mazte I found the chicken recipe. Of course then I had to find a source of poultry that didn't require me slaughtering the local chickens (I am such a softie). You can be in 5 guilds with one character you know.

One thing that frustrates me sometimes is that low level stuff is not commonly available in guild stores and yet can be very hard to find "in the wild". Drink ingredients are far more common than food and, in fact, the drink themselves can often be found in the kegs. You just have to steal it and launder it to use in a writ.

Oh, I've had carrots and yeast for the carrot soup and lager, respectively...I just can't find the recipes...I haven't figured out the guild stores, I say to hell with it....

I'm still getting nowhere with foods or drinks either.  I'm not even eligible to spend my points on any provisioning skills. Oh well, at least I'm no longer carrying all those darn recipes in my inventory. BTW, Lady B, how does one "launder" stolen merchandise in this game?  I've just been destroying the few items that I stole by accident.

launder at the outlaw refuge in the big town of each zone ,map marks looks like a trident ,  launder to allow you to sell on and bank , fence to convert to cash , and pay bounties off without surrendering your hard earned illicit goods .

I can make and send you some golden lager - msg me a request in game to gt:malc303 assuming NA server but I am yet to find the recipe for carrot soup or lemon flower matze - these recipes are my nemesis in the game right now as I cant provide them to guildees doing basic provisioning writs

.  once you level up  provisioning by making food you do know the recipes to you can put skill points into being able to make better level foods , the recipes that you have to make for daily writs then change , and recipes for these seem to be failry abundant in guildstores for 200-400g apiece =  and you wont be asked again and again to make carrot soup....

FYI, have the provisioning item (buying carrot soup for instance) does not fulfill the provisioning writ, you actually have to make it.

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