Unable To Connect to Servers!

I am here to support thousands of players who are unable to play Halo Reach and Halo 3 for months due to what appears a wrong value in an "IP Range" setting on the Live incoming and outgoing server. These are mainly players who have an IP address with a 101 prefix. All of there attempts for resolution have either fallen on deaf ears or they have been offered the seriously offensive 1 month Gold code, which all have refused. This is a real problem that needs our attention. These are XBL members that have payed for their subscriptions to play a game series that shows offers no response to their issue and continues to ignore them. I would hope that all XBL members would support these players and add to this post, create more posts and make your voice heard on their behalf.

What if it was you who could not play the game you bought an entire system and Annual Gold membership for? These predominantly players from Australia and New Zealand who are affected, but it also appears to have other European players caught too. 

Thank you for your support.                                                            Absolute Dog


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I havent heard of this until now but that does sound like a pain in the @@@.

I hope its fixed right away.

Same post in the Halo: Reach Forums...


Their best bet would be to change their IP address. Some will change automatically, though if theirs don't I'm not sure how to change it, but an ISP should be able to do it.


I believe it's because 101 is not a common prefix for Aus/NZ players, and I'll assume the same for the European players you've mentioned, but a short-term fix would be to change it to a more common IP for their area.


(If I'm wrong then I have no idea, sorry :P).

first i've heard of this as well.

They are unable to change thee IP prefix, it is static. I appreciate the posts. I have been attempting to help by getting the word out. They have been unable to play for month now and the fact is that 343i and MS Live seem unwilling or unable to help.

Thanks for your support - now there is even a Facebook page for users experiencing same issue with different IP address (23.x.x.x) - www.facebook.com/.../171382389629329

Have never heard of this issue. Sounds like an error on your end.