unable to connect to ea servers.....

Tried this morning got this message and my kid tried about an hour ago and got the same message....

Ive tweeted popcap and ea but haven't got any answers....

Is anyone else having this issue?


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Yeah the same issue that I am having..... cant join anything!

Same here. Same message, but I see some people on my friends list playing the game! Don't know what's going in. Does anyone here know how to fix this?

You have to wait. EA servers took a poop.

Any luck to the OP? Tried the whole day today, still same message Unable to connect to EA servers at this time.

You have to keep trying, i've had that problem off and on, but once i get into a server everything is fine. also try changing the game mode, i play team vanquish almost exclusively, but when i have a problem getting on a server, i switch to garden and graveyards and it lets me in.

Just keep trying and you will make it in.

Its annoying but until the fix it, it may be your only chance.

hope that helped.

Now to snipe some zombies as a cactus, excuse me.

I get it occasionally, but like SSPENGUIN said, I just switch game types, and it tends to let me in. I mainly switch between the regular and classic game types since I prefer to play Graveyard. If I get the message in the regular, I try the classic and vice versa, and if that still doesn't work, I will switch to Vanquish. One of them tends to work. I hope it works for you guys as well.