Unable to connect to EA online since 3 days

When ever i try to go to multiplayer in BFBC2  it either says Failed to connect to EA online or it says unable to login,try later. anyone with similar problem ? i bought this game like 2 weeks ago ,i was getting constantly disconnected from EA servers after 2-3 mins . then it got fixed after few days, now am having this issue
really fustrated


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I was having a few issues yesterday. Sign out of your account and sign back in, might help.

try clearing your memory  cache, I just played 4 flawless matches, so there didn't seem to much lag either, other than lvl 5 codpiece wookies hiding in the attics (more dogtags and d2.0 for me), the games were great.

EA servers have bugged me from day 1. I don't get any issues with rubber banding but I do get kicked off servers all the time. Was playing late last night, had my earphones in listen to Soma FM on my iPhone. Got kicked off the EA servers, and kicked off XBL, this happened twice and during the second time it took over 10 minutes to reconnect to EA servers while during the whole time Soma FM (Streamed over the same internet connection) had not buffered once.

I would have thought the issue was with my internet connection but I don't believe it is because my iPhone should have lost all connectivity.

XBOX360 Battlefield Bad Company 2 requires you to port forward: 3074


i started xbox yesterday and it asked me to update, i updated then could play BFBC2 fine yesterday... now again i can't login to EA today :(

clearing cache didn't work :(

I've only been playing online for about a week, but haven't encountered any problems outside of the occasional lag.  I did have a match finish yesterday -- Squad Deathmatch -- where we won 50-41, and the screen came up and said "Your Team Lost"  lol    wtf?

I get that Your Team Lost message when winning a lot.  it is just a glitch. The stats update correctly though

Yea, me and my friend still got the pin for winning.  We just wanted to play Squad Deathmatch & Squad Rush to get the 'Win Em All' achievement.  Done.  Back to Rush/Conquest!