unable to connect to black ops server

am i banned from the server or is it just my connection


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i was having trouble connecting earlier as well. i just assumed the server was screwy.

Servers have been screwy lately. Last night, was kicked out of a zombie game at round 16, so it isn't like we just started and it locked up. Told me the servers were unavailable. It has been happening alot recently

the servers have been dodgy for a few days now , it seems random too 1 day i kept gettin disconnected, and my friends were fine , then next day i was fine and my friend was gettin disonnected .

is their anything on the call of duty site itself regarding the servers.

per my discussion on this with activision yesterday, the rep advised that everyone having problems needs to contact them (he said so they can get some information, even though the actual issue is on their side).

so... i think it'd be a great idea if everyone either called or hit up their live chat to complain about the servers.

which by the way are still currently showing that there are no issues.

was that with activision or call of duty black ops ?

just had a look on activision and black ops forums , and they aint even acknowledging theirs any problems , think they are more concerned with black ops 2 , thats where the money is

same problems again.

posted the same to the other thread on this:

please contact activision via online chat (or call if you prefer) and tell them they are still having issues.

if they tell you to do anything that would only affect YOU (e.g. dump your update, recover your GT etc) tell them no and point them to these threads as well as the threads on the subject from the official blackops forums.

yep well i wouldnt be lying if i told em i had done all of the above , recovered my gamertag twice reset my router 100s of times literally , but fingers crossed over the weekend it was (in my eyes) running ok . had the odd disconnect here and their. but from reading other posts this problem seems to exist. still.

i have contacted activision chat who stated that , xbox live are the ones who are having issues.