Unable to buy UT packs with MS points?

Is there a limit to how many you can buy in a day/week/month or something?

Does anyone know?

I bought maybe 10 packs back-to-back with ms points, and now it only gives me the option to buy with coins...

I used and sold off a decent amount of cards thinking I needed to make room but thats not the case.

thank you for you help if anyone can explain this to me.  Im a big ultimate player on madden and this is the first year im big into Fifa's ultimate team


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I highly doubt EA is going to halt you from giving them more money.  lol.   I'd wait, and then check back.  It's possible that they set a 10 pack limit for an hour, but I doubt it.

You're lucky you even got to use UT.  I created my team yesterday online while at work, popped in the game when I got home and it kept telling me that UT wasn't available.

Were you by any chance buying promo packs? Sometimes there are promo packs for sale but you can only buy a certain amount of them, normally the limit is about 10 or 15.

no I wasnt buying promo packs.

I checked today and it works now, but im still interested.  I prolly wont buy 10 back-to-back packs again but id like to find out what the issue was.  10 packs per hour, I could see that...

There is no limit, I literally bought about 50 packs yesterday.  Must have a been a server issue.  

Play sports games much? :D