Umm, How Do You File A Complaint . . .

How do you file a complaint if the person immediately leaves the lobby or leaves the game early? The only place I can even find "file a complaint" is in the pre/post game lobbies.


For example: I was in a game earlier where 2 kids were boosting (one dude was like 30-2 & the other dude was like 1-28). The dying kid dashboarded right before the game ended & the killing kid left the lobby the second we got back there. I keep theatre turned off because frame rates suffer something awful when it's turned on. So yeah, how do you file a complaint when not in the lobby???


FYI, I've tweeted this question to many of the game's devs over the last week, but gotten no answer.


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You should be able to go to the recent players met screen on the dashboard and then find the player you want to report. Click on their profile and submit player review/complaint.

Those complaints do absolutely nothing. For every 1 person XBLPET bans, there's 1000 ban-worthy people they don't. Besides, for whatever reason, Xbox doesn't consider boosting cheating. I'm talking about the MW3 in-game complaint system.

Oh, i want to know how to check in-game players stats. :( Some guy complained about my 2.22 KD ratio (I lied :), half it).

While in the game lobby press 'Y' to pull up your MW3 friends list, then toggle right once and there is the recent players list. From there you can select the offenders GT and scroll to report player using the IW file complaint tool.

Modern warfare 3 is by far thee worst yet, I thought world at war was terrible, but mw3 is absolutely pathetic.

Maybe if they wouldn't update it so many times and completely screw up spawning it would be alright, we all deserve our money back

MW3 is an absolute joke. Thanks for making me hate call of duty. U all suck!!!!!

^Who are you talking too ?

Yager is so mad at this game he digs up old posts.  Calm down bro.

Holy Necro an 11 month old "bump". On topic--Temhotabot got it right.

Nov 15, 2011?


A few days before I turned 16.

recent players, then you can go to their gamercard and submit a complaint via xbox rather than just COD servers. I always do both if i report someone.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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