Ulysses (spoilers)

Does anyone actually understand what this riddle master is talking about half the time?

I get that he's angry with the courier for bringing ED-E to the Divide and destroying it. BUT isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? Didn't Ulysses train and help the White Legs destroy New Canaan? I don't get why he's so pissed off about the whole fiasco really and who is he anyways? Former tribal, turned Legion frumentarii, turned Courier, turned Radical? Also if he could control ED-E and take him from the courier, why the hell didn't he do that in the first place and prevent the warheads from destroying the divide?

For me the whole back story between the Courier and Ulysses was a little disapointing. I was expecting a deeper storyline other than; "you unknowingly blew up the place I wanted to live in now I want to kill you" just seems abit flat ya' know? It would of been great to see Ulysses with a bigger connection to the 'Old World' other than painting the flag on random bricks. He just lacked that something, that big plot hook or that big twist, that would of made him a deeper character. Also the flag he wears is representative of the Enclave, I was kind of guessing they would make a re-appearance aswell considering ED-E got repairs at Illinios and there still presumably still active. Who knows.


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Read about the Twisted Hairs Tribe, then pay attention to dialogue, his reasoning of traveling to The Big Empty, really explains his actions.




There is quite a bit of depth to the story, although on the surface it migh seem like Ulysses is just another megalomaniac, his actions towards Christine hint otherwise, which during the final confrontation one can quickly realize he is just an angry misguided mind, which through his actions believes he is both restoring/taking vengeance for the former Twisted Hairs Tribe, etc., etc.




Well, unbeknowst to you, you delivered a self destruct mechanism which triggered the whole fiasco in The Divide, leads me to believe this was a planned action of either the Enclave with had a direct corrolation with what happened at Navarro or the same company that spearheaded the FEV experiments along with what goes on in The Big Empty, which will lead to further explaining/piecing together canonically what happens in the midwest leading to perhaps Chicago or further up the east coast ala the Commonwealth where the headquarters is located for the people that contributed to a lot of the things witnessed in the wasteland.

one thing i thought was interesting about him was that his eyes made him look to me more like a reptilian beast instead of a human. maybe my tv was just bad, but i thought that he looked a little bit like a monster, not at all what i was expecting