Ultra Edition Confusion - Character Access?

OK, so far all I did was purchase Ultra Eduition, I waited for it to DL and installed the game, and I go through some of the options except online because I was rather hesistant and didn't have any friends online at the moment with this game, and I only find maybe 3-4 characters available?!  What's the deall here?  I thought were were being gvien access to all EIGHT from this purchase!  Needless to say I'm rather annoyed by this, have no idea how to shut the game/app down, andshut off my XBox One.  Ddin't feel i had any point as the only character I actually like playing as, Fulgore, wasn't showing up in the roster.  So.... can someone please explain this 1 to me? Leave a reply back.  Thanks!


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There are only 6 characters at launch, but your purchase entitles you to all 8 of the season 1 characters.  Spinal is going to be added in January and Fulgore is coming in March.

Yeah... again, though, i think i only saw mabe3 r 4 of them when I was searching, and I know my purchase was Ultra Edition.  Is it just the 6 are avialable only in online mode?

only 5 characters would be available to you.

I think the 6th character "Shadow Jago" is only available if you get the day one 12 month xbox live card.

No, Shadow Jago doesn't count as part of the main 6.

1 - Jago

2 - Sabrewulf

3 - Thunder

4 - Glacius

5 - Orchid

6 - Sadira

These characters are all available now.  I have used them all.  If the OP can't access some of them, then contact Microsoft.

Hmm....isn't Shadow Jago just a skin, though?  If that's the case it would be presumable according toxbox.com's Killer Instinct page that this should be included in this version, Ultra Edition. At least that's my guess as I haven't really messed around much with the game still confused by the whole access thing.  Thing I don't understand is how this is "early access" as the page describes, if we have to wait for the characters to become available.  it's false advertising, basically.

I have pre-ordered the fight stick which is suppose to be coming out on the 17th dec from shopto.  Did you get the original killer instinct on download aswell?

I think I figured it out.  again, my asumption was that Shadow Jago was a skin, but it doesn't appear tobe so.  What i did was purchased Ultr Edition.  then when the game wass earching for content, I was given the option to install the original Arcade.  Last night, after I'd asked this, I DLed the Round 1 Shadow Jago anyway seeings as I ddi order the Day One XBox Live Gold card. (Nt that i reallly need it, but)  So yeah is ee the cvonfusion now, it seems apaprent to me like it's a separate, selectable character, or maybe just selectable separately for whatever reason if otherwise, I don't know.