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Ultimate team now that a joke. It should be call Buy a team. This is just another sick way Xbox and EA trying to make more money from dumb ppl that don’t know how to play and they have to buy a better team so they may win. **** poor job EA


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Umm.....good point but where have you been?

I just don't like the fact you can buy coins. Look at NHL they use pucks and you cant just buy them. You have to earn them.

Yea you have to earn them in NHL, but that ultimate team was hardly as sucessful as MUT.  I never play online anyways, too many cheesers who don't play the way football should be played.

Yea!  Another has  awoken!   MUT is just for kids as anyone with a brain can see the money  pit.

i enjoy mut but its deff lame the way ea is so damn greedy before they get any extra money they should make it so the servers are working properly.

I agree that is a cash cow, but its not nearly as bad as the setup in Fight Night where you basically buy your boxer.

My team is an 87 now and I haven't spent a single penny. I also have 27K in my bank and 3 collections completed with 2 Legendary players. Stop whining, cause you don't have to pay them to have fun and be successful.