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So when I do a tournament in ultimate team, for example a semi pro tournament. Once I reach the final the difficulty changes itself to proffesional and I cant change it back to semi-pro, as I only have the choice to do pro or higher. Then I do a pro tournament and the same happens but it does it to world class. Then the same happened with world class and amataeur. Why is it doing this? Its starting to annoy me now because Ive lost some finals because of it.


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maybe it ups the difficulty at a finall.....AND WHO PLAYS IN SEMI PRO you can basically walk around the defenders in that STOP CRYING ABOUT PRO DIFFICULTY AND STEP YOUR GAME UP DOG


Since no one actually addressed the OP's problem, it's a glitch.  What happens is if you back out of the tournament tree/bracket and buy a pack of cards or visit the auction house... for some reason, when you go back into your tournament, the difficulty is up'd.

A sure-fire way around this is to play all 4 games in a row w/out backing out.  This will ensure the difficulty stays at whatever it is supposed to be set at.  I've played about 25 tournaments and figured this out.