Ultimate Team is really frustrating.

None of my cards are selling.I am out of coins and cant afford to purchase more.My contracts are almost up and the damn server disconnected me a few times last night and I lost games on my contracts.I am just about done with it.Its not very forgiving.100 cards is all you have for storage and when thats full if you cant sell you have to discard for peanuts.Cant afford to buy the cards I need to finish collections to get some coins, sigh.Any rich sugar daddy's want to buy my stuff.I need coins.


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Invest in bronze and silver packs early on.  Make sure to look at your collection sets and start trying to gather all the cards you can for that.  

As for trying to sell cards... the best way to do this is to go on EA's forums and post there.  Guys will be more responsive and you can get more coins if you have great players to offer.  

You should be looking at your roster for positions and coverage first.  You need to make sure you have a compete team which should be filled with mainly bronze and silver cards to begin with.  Stay away from the gold packs until you get the feel off how coins and contracts work for your team.  

Play offline games first and build your wealth.

I really am not happy with how MUT is going this year.I did well on MUT 11.for some reason I am just not seeing the balance this year, stupid kc and raiders bronze cards selling for 30k , how the hell am I suppose to complete my stadiums when I cant afford to buy those 2 cards, jack del rio is a ghost, and even stewart from carolina is selling for 30k to complete the other collection I need.the heck with that, theres better stuff to get with my points then cards I will use for a few monthes then never look at again.

Keep  reading your last statement and stop playing MUT,  Coins per game vs. what you have to spend has never been even remotely like it should be.  They just want you to buy buy buy.  Stop the insanity now,

trade  trade trade   i have gotten most of the card collection cards i nedd through trades

I have a Jack Del Rio card if you want to trade for it.