Ultimate MvC3?

Are you guys feeling played yet?

MvC3, CE, Extra Characters as DLC, and now this?  Or are you one of those, "Well, they're not putting a gun to your head!"  Psh...


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Oh c'mon who didn't see that coming?

Capcom sould be the poster company for rehash and re-use of their best titles. Its no surprise that capcom is doing this with "another" succesfull title.

I don't care. I'll enjoy it either way.

when MvC3 Came out i told My Son " Just wait we will Get it Soon" Cause i had a Feeling this Would Happen. Now we will get it in Nov. With 12 new Guys And A Cheaper Price, I dont Buy Fighting Games When they Are First Release, i can wait a few months To see if they Release A "Super Ultra-Ultimate Special Delux Got you Sucker Edition".

Well, let's be honest. We all like the "super mega awesome plus 12 DLC pack" editions of out favorite games.--Especially if we opted not to get the original the first time around. Who doesn't like a great game + extras + a cheaper price? I think the point that so many try to make is the fact they are trying to make a cheap and quick buck... ... but only because a second point is always overlooked.--That other point being that I just made a quick buck waiting a bit. Now I reap all the extras. Nobody likes that point. Frankly, I think its more important than the other one.

In a press release they said the reason for this release was because of the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear fallout. Because of this they were unable to support the game like they intended, so they decided to put all the character tweaks and stuff into a new game. I didnt get the first one bc i was waiting for Mortal Kombat. Im thinking of getting this whEn it comes out cuz its supposed to be mid priced.

I'll buy it used eventually.  That says something because I don't buy used games.

What most casual gamers dont understand about fighting games, is that if you add new characters, change the effectiveness of certain moves of others and do other tweaks and such, then it makes the game very different from what it was. Thats why the need to release a whole new game as opposed to just releaseing the changes as DLC.

What If I love SF4 , but hate the way they changed the game in SSF4? well if they are seperate games I can still play SF 4 how i like it, or I can buy SSF4 and learn all the changes and play that game.

THough I do like that With SSF4 AE , they made it so you could DL the changes and switch between the two games easily. That was a good idea. THough they are both different games (SSF4 and SSF4 AE)

Ultimate MvC 3 looks great and i will buy it when it comes out. If you bought the DLC characters from the original then you still have them in ultimate m just like all the SF 4 games carry over any purchased DLC.