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Hey guys, I have a question. Does anyone know why most of my fights are locked? Some ar unlocked, some arent. Best of Pride - they are all unlocked except Mirko vs Nog. Ultimate Submissions - All unlocked except Guida Gomi. Ultimate Knockouts - All locked! Ultimate Rivals - all unlocked except Struve Mcorkle. Ultimate upsets - All locked. Does anyone know how to unlock these? They have a gold lock symbol on em and when I try it tells me to download different fight packs...... which I did, I bought season pass and downloaded everything so far but these are still locked. I have beat most % on the Best of Pride but still cant unlock the Nog Mirko fight. Any help please!


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there is still some dlc due at the end of april,its probably part of that.

I don't understand why my ultimate knockouts are all Locked and why all my ultimate upsets are locked. I have the season pass.

It just tells me to dl the upsets pack. But I have season pass so it yells me not to but all fights plus ultimate kos are locked! Thanks thq

I have season pass and everything unlocked except ultimate knockouts and ultimate compilation.  Same issue as windless.

I had a season pass and It never worked.  They actually refunded my purchase.

Wow..... Fail.