Ultimate combos back?

According to a tweet from *** ultimates are back, or rather he asked if anyone found them. Anyone got a vid with one?


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There is only one and only shadow jago can do it.

Do you know how to do it?

Ultimate Combo


I am disappointed there was no blood, unless I cant see it in a small Youtube screen.  But dont get me wrong, they did them, so thats fantastic.  KI was never about dismemberments or anything, so thats fine with me.  I wouldn't mind seeing some cuts on the textures at least.  But welcome back Ultimate combos, its been a long wait!

I think it's a bit of a teaser of what's to come in season 2.

The Teen rating limits the amount of blood and gore present in the game. Which is why Ultimates are a touchy subject to approach since they can't do some of the classic versions.

Its not the teen rating.

Why is blood gushing on the floor the wole fight but in the ultimate there is none.

Just a blood explosion when the blade hits in the air wouldn't hurt.

I think because its a teaser and it is far from finished.

Altho thats what i hope.

I agree with Neon here.

there will be blood.