Uhhhh, I only have 995/1000. I hate you, M$!!!

Hey boys and girls.  As I've been reading about these rumors concerning the multiplayer on here (and elsewhere), one person on another post brought up the idea of a Horde/Firefight/Zombies type of multiplayer, which doesn't sound too bad.  But I still prefer that BioWare didn't include multiplayer on the ME trilogy, but maybe afterwards on another "ME-type" series.  Assassins Creed included multiplayer on their 3rd game, and even though it ain't that bad - (not great either) - it's incredibly dead.  I'm curious, besides us on these forums and on the Bioware forums, who will actually play the multiplayer when there'll be perhaps millions playing Battlefield3, Gears3, and Modern Warfare3? (Gee, that's alot of 3's!)


Anyway, to my point.  I was on xbox360achievements.org just a bit ago checking out Forza 4's achievements.  I do that just to get a heads up on what to expect on an upcoming game I'm gonna buy.  And I noticed that there's an achievement: "Look Ma, No Controller!", in which you use the "ever popular" Kinect to unlock it.  I don't know about some of you, but I think that's a tad on the horse crap side of things.  I have a feeling that BioWare might go down this route too.  They're thinking - "I mean, why not?  If we're adding multiplayer why not add a "better with Kinect" cheevo?"  I know that there are alot of you out there with 1000/1000 on both ME's.  So unless you have Kinect you might be stuck at 990 or 995.  And I don't know any stupid 8 year-old or know any soccer moms that has the da*n thing.  But I'm not worried too much about it, as I don't have 1000 on either game, and as long as I have anywhere between 650-700 or greater I'm fine.  I just hope they don't have more than one.


Thanks.  Interested in your thoughts!

See y'all on ME team death match!  I'll be the one getting pwned by a 9 year old using the no-skills-Kinect shoving the omni-blade up my ***!  CAN'T WAIT!!


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I have the Kinect :(



Anyway, I doubt that they will have any Kinect achievements because as of now it is only Voice Commands, which is a novelty at best. I will no doubt try it, but I might just go back to pause play.

AC:B isn't dead. Also, the points don't do anything so I don't mind having 995, 999, 5, 1, or 0 in any game. Also, keep in mind the multiplayer rumors are just that, rumors. I doubt they would keep it under wraps for that long, didn't AC, dead space 2, and bioshock 2 exclaim their new multiplayer right off the bat?

Pee ess, as far as I know you just use kinect to give squadmates orders and go through dialogue without using the controller. No omniblade @@@ shoving

While I do get in the mood for an achievement hunt once in awhile, it's something that I don't think is all that representative of, well, anything really.  I see them as "curios" really, in order to get full gamerscore on any game usually means that you have to refer to a walkthrough where someone else has all ready done the work for you.  While a high gamerscore might look impressive intially, when you do a "compare games" with that person on xbox.com you'll then see a percentage of curios achieved, usually after that the gamerscore doesn't look as impressive.  Some achievements are well done though, I still have to do that "send the gnome into space" one for The Orange Box, many regard that as one of the best ones ever.  A Kinect achievement for MASS Effect 3 wouldn't be all that different from the many DLC achievements where you have to cough up the cash to achieve, Kinect costs more I suppose...:-)

yeah, like i have over 30,000g score with only 50 something games played, but Joe might have over 45,000 but over 150 games played.  Joe has much lower percentage rate than i do.

But what I'm saying is that it's not right "forcing" people to cough up 150 bucks that'd be hard for them to spare, or perhaps they just don't buy the device because the typical player/consumer won't use the thing more than two times a year.  Again, i don't have 100% for either Mass Effects, but I do however have every achievement I can possibly get with just my soldier Shepard.  I never felt the need or even the desire to create another class Shepard (especially in ME1) just to get all achievements.


I guess what concerns me is that there'll be like 2 or 3 achievements like "use voice command to have squad flank the boss" and "finish an entire mission using Kinect", worth about 50g.  And it sorta irks me because those are easy, but unattainable because many don't have that device.

I think this is an interesting point. Will they add Kinect achievements to a game that doesn't require the device to play.

The only game I've played that did this was the Deathly Hallows part 1. There was one achievement for spell-casting that could only be gotten by using Kinect.

However the previous two Mass Effect games have had the same selection of achievements on the PC as in the 360 versions. So if there is a Kinect achievement for the 360, will the PC (and indeed the PS3) have a different one the 360 players can't get?

Very good topic I think. 

The 'Deathly Hollows Pt. I' game that you're referencing, voteDC, is it only available on XBOX?  Be interested to see if they altered the gamerscore for the PS3 version, or if it's a Motion Controller achievement for that console.  It wouldn't surprise me if MASS Effect 3 goes with a 'Kinect Exclusive' achievement, for as I said earlier, countless achievements are only obtainable by purchasing DLC.  It's a trend that's all ready firmly in place, think about all of the multiplayer achievements that one needs to buy a GOLD card for as well...:-)

Purchasing DLC such as Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival at $8 a crack for a game I love to play over and over again and buying a $150 motion sensor toy that I'll never use is not the same.   I don't see the justification in spending that money for something I can't use.  You know, if it's just voice commands that will be implemented using the Kinect for ME3, why haven't they explored using the headset as an alternative to the Kinect?

I understand where your coming from KID LOCHEM, but you shouldn't really let it worry you. Like Miss Pwny said concerning the multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3, at the moment it's all just rumour and I myself hope that it doesn't present it's self when the game is released.

As for Bioware adding achievements for the use of Kinect, I can't see it happening because what would the PC and PS3 versions do to fill the gap? If they do - I would like to see Bioware adopt the idea of the headset.

Yeah, that point was brought up almost immediately after the big E3 demonstration.  It was said that the Kinect's voice recognition software is of a higher breed than the basic I/O of the headset, having said that, is it really all that much trouble to engineer software to make the headset work as well?...:-)

Shouldn't be that difficult, considering you could use your basic headset for TC: End War.  As for Kinect only achievements being included, I highly doubt it because Kinect after all is a minimal feature and what would the achievements be anyhow?

2GS - Command Garrus to punch annoying Khalisah Al-Jilani in the face, twice.


150GS - Use your voice talents to seduce a random blue alien, otherwise known as Liara.

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