So I just picked up New Vegas and boy am I disgusted so far. This game sure does have alot of bugs for a game thats been out for so long. I thought HF was bad in terms of bugs but I may trade this in and re-purchase HF. How many head shots does it take to kill an enemy? I pumped 4 shots from a single shot shotgun into an enemys' head only to be killed in two shots from a 9mm. It was a toss up between this and RDR and I think I clearly made the wrong decision. I am willing to give this game a few more tries but bejezus its killing me so far


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well that depends on your skill, the ammo you are using and the enemy.....it's a RPG not a shooter

ok i will take that into consideration next time i play

there are different version of the same ammo type in this game. one well lower the health but not the armor of the enemy, while the other one those the opposite. which explain why BigAngryE says that this is more of an RPG then a shooter like BORDERLANDS, and probably RAGE as well.

i had very few issues with homefront after release day and the only problem i have had with new vegas is long load screens! guess i am lucky. as much as i like new vegas red dead redemption is a much better game.(just my opinion)it won game of the year for a reason.

Really its more of an RPG than a shooter because your efficacy with any weapon (or activity) depends more on your character's abilities, which you build up over time when you level up, than on your own skill.  You can see this in action by taking a high skill character out and intentionally placing the cross hairs a short distance away from a target.  Because the character's skill level is high it will automatically correct your aim, not by moving the cross hairs but by changing the trajectory of the projectile.  This is easiest the see with laser type weapons, where you can clearly see the path of each shot.  Take a low skill character out and try the same thing and you'll see a lot more misses, even with the cross hairs in the same spot.


FPS performance depends primarily on your reflexes and aiming ability.  FNV (and FO3) performance depends primarily on character skills, with accuracy and damage modified by weapon condition and damage modified by ammo type.

[quote user="phyrian"]FPS performance depends primarily on your reflexes and aiming ability.  FNV (and FO3) performance depends primarily on character skills, with accuracy and damage modified by weapon condition and damage modified by ammo type.[/quote]Much more so New Vegas than Fallout 3, and not as much as you might think, but yes, this


I did the same thing. Returned new vegas after a week and got mass effect 2. I have since purchased vegas again and can tell you it gets better so stick with it. The key is to get a companion as soon as you can. Try Cass at the Mojave outpost. Its near Goodsprings so you don't have to go far. Take time to level before you try anything too hardcore and don't be afraid to lower the difficulty. I play it on daycare myself.

I saw a lot of similar comments in the old FO3 forum, the game does take some time to get into the first time.  It takes a while to get used to the game, and can be very frustrating until you do.  If you did not previously play FO3 then kicking the difficulty down until you level up a few times can make things a lot less frustrating.  I would recommend bumping it slowly back up once you get to level 10 or so.  Take your time in each area and do everything you can find to do.  Save often, and always always always use multiple save slots for a single character.  That way when you encounter a game-breaking bug or glitch you can go back to an alternate save without having to start all over.  Installing the game to your HDD is practically a requirement, and always make sure you have the most recent patch.


First time players (Minor Spoilers):

When you leave Goodsprings go south and stay close to the road.  One of the first places you'll find is Primm.  If you have a repair of 65 OR a repair of 35 with a science of 55 OR 3 scrap metal, 2 sensor modules, and 1 scrap electronics then you can actually pick up your first companion here.  ED-E is located in the Mojave Express office here, but you have to repair him using one of the above combinations.  Once you do, you can have him as your non-humanoid companion (you can have one humanoid and one non-humanoid companion at any one time).


After you are done in Primm for the time being continue further south, eventually reaching the Mojave Outpost, where you can recruit Cass as your humanoid companion.  Having two companions along will make things considerably easier, especially when dealing with groups of enemies.

Good post phyrian....I've had ED-E from the git go and had April upgrade his weapon. Haven't used Cass, but did recruit Boone for awhile then went with Veronica. Once I found 'pushy' and gave it to her she becomes a monster in a fight :)