U.G.R.F Now recruiting for Call of Duty World at War

NOTE: This is not a hacker clan. This is a Legit CoD Clan

Hello I'm Combatdude819, I'm a clan leader for the UGRF (United German Repubic Forces) This clan is all about saving World at war and making legit players play the good WW2 game again. There are only 3 requirements for joining this clan 1) you must be higher then level 30. 2) Stick together and and follow the clan for kills. 3) play your best.

UGRF plays games like Domination, T.D.M, War


Join the UGRF. Thank You or Danke 


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hmm.. if you get your clan going i would love to have a friendly battle... are group of people "ReMiix" play captur the flag so if your looking for a good legit mach hit me up with a message.


Every match i play is full of hackers this is my favorite cod and there is no way to get a "clean" match. If your clan plays with other non hackers I'm way in. If you want proof of my skill hit me up.