ugh idk what to do

idk how to get the third hostage for riddler -__- .. i heard you need to get a specific amount of riddler trophies?


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yup, you eventually have to find them all if you want to save them all so just hang in there =)

all 400 collectable trophies to get to the final hostage.

you don`t need all the physical trophies to get the hostages.

haha I just got your message on there reskinz. I can't remember exactly where it is, are you looking for the room or can you not save him?

If you have a Catwoman DLC, eventually you can rescue all the hostages and still have trophies left to obtain. I guess the Catwoman ones count towards it as well.  During my first play through I had reached 400 including most of hers and Oracle told me where to go.

yes the catwoamn trophies count toward the trophie total for the riddler. my delima is i accidentally killed 3 or 4 of the riddler goons and still have  like 50 trophies to get before i get the 400 neede to find the riddlers final location. sucks wandering aimlessly looking for those damn things.

if you mean the green goons that you interrogate they respawn after a while if you kill one.

also if you check the menu of the trophies already collected you can see what area you are missing some in,the green guys should be in that area.

its been a looooonnnnngggg while since ive seen my last green goon. but thats good to know that they respawn. as for the menu...i saw that but didnt pay much attention to the far right hand side. i think i remember there being something on the far right that might give me an indication. ill have to check it out. thanks