UGAM (United Gamers Against Modders)

We are UGAM a community for all legit gamers of Call Of Duty WAW. All members are non modder/hackers. If You are interested and are not a modder/hacker visit this site:


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This is an idea i eventually had planned but I am currently just trying to get enough non modders to join. It would be like every game has its own division from UGAM.  In example UGAM Halo division. Each Game Would have its own forum and so on. If you are interested in expanding UGAM to a certain game let me know.

i have joined so what now? dp you have gamenights?

Sounds good to me. I'm signed up.

Hate to double post, but I wanted to throw this out there. Why limit the clan to W@W, or even the COD franchise, for that matter? There are modders everywhere. Granted, some games (W@W) are worse off than others, but there's certainly no shortage of hacked games out there. Why not create a more effective united front against modders? Gamers Against Modders Everywhere [GAME]. How's that sound?