UFC Undisputed 3 coming on January 2012! New Images! Looks Awesome!

Check them out here!



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Looking forward for this game after read today a preview in Gamespot.

i was about to post this except i didnt know where to.

About to look this game up. Big fan of mma

"Pride matches in UFC Undisputed 3 have a much more vicious feel to them, thanks to a different set of rules that allows for dirtier fighting. For example, when your opponent gets knocked on the ground, you can start kicking him in the face or stomping his head with your heel--a tactic that would get you immediately thrown out of a UFC match. Being able to throw knees at your opponent's head n a north-south ground grapple and kick his face when he misses a shoot takedown are some of the other brutal but legal techniques Since the league is no longer running, the Pride fighters you see in the game are shown as you would have seen them in their heydays, ncluding Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva represented in their younger, more intimidating days. (And in case you're wondering, yes you can bring UFC fighters into a Pride match and vice versa.)" -taken from gamespot. ...........also there was mention of more effective striking to the body and legs. If ur fighters gets a low leg kick blocked, there is a chance that he could break his shin.....new submission system, game sounds awesome.