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I've been having some issues with the game saying that I haven't completed training days when I have. It makes me rather upset because of the contest going on. Is anyone else having issues with the game not registering completed training cycles? Also the game sometimes stops recognizing that I am in front of the sensor mid workout. This is also frustrating. It leads to me having to stop my workout and try to be recognized by the sensor again. The green me in the bottom corner turns into a silhouette and it doesn't recognize any of my movements. Thanks for reading.


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There is always an alternative like working out in a gym with a real trainer.

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Some people dont have time or money for that. A personal trainer can be a few hundred for a couple of hours.

OP, try resetting up your kinect sensor, it could be out.

Yeah, probably best to run the Kinect set up before each workout so it can adjust to the light levels and any changes in the layout of the room