ufc personal trainer 2nd workout

ive finished my second workout today and im sore! fair enough theres a few freezing issues and some movements dont register but when it works it really works.ive never sweated so much in my life.starting monday night after work im going to do each trainers full workout once a week.the floor excersises like push ups and sit ups can be annoying because of having to adjust the tilt but ill deal with it and hopefully the as stated results will show on me. is anyone else feeling as sore as me or give a reply with any results you have or your workout routine.


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This is one Game I actually might pick up a Kinect for. I need to get back in shape (stamina) and it looks like a lot funner way then jogging or riding my bike around. Why not combine some "work-out" video with a Game? I guess it might work?

just done my third workout but it wasnt as much as the previous ones.ive hopefully sorted out two decent custom workouts but it dosnt register the v-ups which i really want to do to lose a 'few' inches from my waist.there is rumours of an update whether its to sort out the freezing and the detection problems remains to be seen but these problems are vey small compared to how much works.  

As of yet i havent tried the Ufc trainer, but playing on my brother in laws kinect, the adventures and sports kinect games are bad enough lol

 I run 3 times a week and i still sweated like ive never done any fitness before in my life lol I was that sore after playing the sports kinect game, it took me ages to get out of my bed in the morning lol