ufc on xbox live

Is the online community dead already? I just bought the game a few days ago, played the career and just decided to try and jump online and play some. Finally get one game where the host didn't quit out when I picked my career fighter and like the first 2 games the host was from across the pond. I play it anyway, take my beating in the lagfest like a man..big whoop there lol, but when I change my search preferences so I can find games in my area (even my country would be nice) it searches forever and doesn't find anyone. Currently it has been searching for a quick match in a player match for 15 minutes with nothing and I had just did the same in ranked for 10-15 minutes before coming over to player matches.


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Your probably wasting your time,the servers have been a joke from day one.

after getting disconnected in just about every game i played and getting a 22% dnf rating from other players thinking i was quitting,i gave up within the first week.

you only have to look at this forum to see the game died very quickly.