UDIE Clan recruiting!

Our rules:  

No inactive members.

Nobody under lvl 10 plz.

Please report any JTAGGERS to moderators or xbox live.

Please report to AngryWaffle97 if you believe moderators are not treating you fairly.

Must have atleast three bars in signal strength.

Report any disturbing or annoying clan members to moderators.

Treat other members with 100% respect!
We aren't a bunch of random xbox live users thrown together and considered a clan. Each user is analyzed and tested on their skills, Our recruitment team WILL NOT feel sorry for you and let you in. We are highly organized and skilled.  In games we stay in 1 group and we'll all choose the groups leader, the group leader will then tell the members what to do such as spread out etc.
How do I join?
- Message or send a party invite and say you would like to join.
-I will ask you questions, search your gamertag, and test your skills
-If you have passed go to www.udieclan.freeforums.org and sign up (ATTENTION! You must use YOUR gamertag as your username)
-And then your done.
Why do we require you to sign up for the site?
To keep track of all the members and such. It's just a free website since it's not really that needed anyways.
What games do we support?
Call of duty World at War
Call of duty 4 Modern Warfare
Call of duty Modern Warfare 2
Call of duty black ops
and battlefield bad company 1

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