United Clans Looking for more clans to join our Council.

This is the second time in which SoG Defeatist will be making the United Clans. This Organization is where every clan will get together and have two Representatives from each clan and they will be in the Council that will be discussing ways to  prevent wars within each other and to discuss issues, and talk about ways to improve the clans, and ways to help each other. Be the biggest Alliamce in the history of Xbox Live, theses are some of my thoughts that this Council will be incharge of, Also we will offer aid to the clans inside [UC] and will give them support if war is declared on them. If WAR is declared between two clans already in [UC] then we will call a council meeting and every clan will get their TWO Representatives and present them to the council, Where we will discuss the terms of Peace and Prevent war for the future.


Everyone must be respectful when a Clan Representative is talking.

No interupting fellow Council Members.

Listen to everyones Clan ideas, intrests, ect.

When a Problem or Something of importance gets presented to the Council everyone must listen to the Anouncement, and then begin their discussion.

If a Representative continues to argue with council members or the Chairmen their clan will be Suspended from [UC] and the Council will decide on the terms of the Suspension.

Each clan gets 3 Suspensions and then its a Ban, that could last for a while.

[UC] Council Chairmen:

1. SoG Defeatist

2. SoG Representative

1. ICEE CraigTG OL

2. ShortBUScheif

[UC] Council Clans:

1. Supremacy of Gaming


3. Liberation of Gaming

[UC] Decisions:

The Chairmen will be the Openers, and the Closers of the Council, as well as answering and discussing topics at hand. They will begin by Opening the Council to the Representatives, and getting everyone to listen to the Opening Statements that each Council Chairmen are responsible for prodcing before hand. The Opening Statement will be the Topic at hand and what they think of it Good or Bad. The Closing Statement is what will become Law or will become the ending decision of the Council Meeting. Everything that happens in the Council can be shared through out your clans, and to others. If a Topic arises in your clan that a Memeber or someone brings up you can present it to a Chairman and they will call for a Council Meeting as long as its not Sudden the Meeting will happen to discuss what the topic at hand is.

[UC]  Requirments:

If you are looking to join [UC] you will need the Following:

1. A valid website

2. Some Clan Structure

3. Clan Members

4. Legit clans not ones that say they are a clan.


Thank you

And please feel free to message me online and i will discuss this to your clan or just to you.

- SoG Defeatist -


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United Clans is still looking for more clans to join so if you follow under our requirements please reply here

We are still looking for clans to join this newly developed Organization

I sent you a Message over Xbox Live just a moment ago, but I was limited to what I could say, but My clan is called ETG, Which stands for Extreme Tactical Gaming. We are a Multi-Game Community, we play on all Platforms, but mainly Xbox 360. We have an estimated amount of 33 Members, and estimated 20 Active Members. We do plan to Recruit alot more in the very near future, we've just been busy with other things...We have a Ranking System setup, if you would like to look at it go to


Our Official Website is   http://www.extremetacticalgaming.net/forum/forum.php  

We are a 100% Official Clan, our leader is ETG ChrisKiller, He is the Founder, There are 3 Main Leaders. Me, ChrisKiller, and ETG cocoloco16. We all have the same authority in the Clan. We have ProSim Teams for Modern Warfare 3, Battle Field 3, a Racing Team for Forza Motorsport 4, and hopefully a Halo Series Team soon.

We have our own GameBattles type system built into our website.

We have tons more, and we're still in "Beta" Stages I guess you could say...We're still recruiting to fill up our Teams, and get fully started...But we're well on our way!

If their is anything at all you need to ask! Please feel free to let me know!!!

Pretty sick website, Semper. Seems like you all got your house in order.

I hope to get it flying

This is a great honor for ICEE to be apart of United Clans (UC). We are currently recruiting new members for our own clan. Please read my Bio for more information on ICEE.

ICEE looks forward to see how big UC gets in the future. This could be a great thing spread across XboxLIVE.

Thanks ICEE! We've worked hard on it. Now we're just trying to get members for all of our Competitive Teams and such.