Ubisoft / Sega - Still Abandoning Gamers? [CHROMEHOUNDS]

With the information of a new Steel Battalion, Mech Warrior, Armored Core, most of us are still waiting for the franchise that; in some way, defined what it was to have an extremely creative and tactical Mech-Suit Cooperative War Simulator. Chromehounds was shut down a while back; and even though the game was flawed it had built something that the other Mech Games still cannot grasp. Chromehounds was the only Realistic (ish) Tactical Mech game that allowed customization to a deeper extent while providing slow to mid-pace action that wasn't over or under-whelming to any style of gamer. Armored Core was overly fast paced and designed for run-and-gun; Mech Warrior/**** was flashy and had tons of "Lasers" but the Online kind of blew, and Steel Battalion is just not public enough nor will it reach many gamers because its running off Kinect.

Now I know a few threads have began with "Bring Chromehounds back!" but I come here with a productive sense of change. Maybe by making this thread we can bring some light to the owners of this wonderful game / franchise. Maybe by some luck they will see that they can make a lot of money (greedy bastards) by doing something to bring back this series.

Chromehounds features a greater sense of customization; but could have some realistic-ness tied into it (more so than it already had)..Meaning some of the builds on the game were a bit glitchy and cheep; but that can be fixed later. With modern day technology and software they could improve upon the Un-Manned aspect of the game. They could leave the Mech Battles at 5 vs 5 or  6 vs 6 - but also allow gameplay for the people who die or maybe a few people who want to jump in as Foot Soldier so to speak; giving the game a more tactical edge. They could skip on the Single Player all together if they make a "World War" situation where you have soldiers and mechs going at it constantly in a technical, cooperative war to see which country is going to be the victory and get the spoils. The concept is easy, the story is near non-existant, but the actions we take as soldiers / mech pilots could influence how our countries grow as a whole and how the game develops in the longer term. We could customize our soldiers, our mechs, our flags, even make little cooperation bases and grow them by pooling clan money together. Kind of like how Eve-Online allows massive corporation stations out in space; Chromehounds 2 can offer one in a providance / state / whatever.


Now I know my post is a jumbled mess but damn it I had to get a lot of this off my chest; its been back building. I want to see this franchise come back full force...I also want Microsoft and Sega to know that there are a LOT of pissed off gamers who didn't get their money back for the *** DLC we purchased for Chromehounds; only to have the servers shut down on us and the DLC to be wasted; thanks a lot guys. Just because Blur isn't running any DLC or getting significant support (they shut down) they still have servers up for the 300-500 players who end up playing the game online; why the *** couldn't you guys do the same? Instead you waste time making Sonic 49 and other crap that just goes down the toilet anyway...


Please Microsoft, Sega, Ubisoft, whomever - do your players some damn justice. Have some care, desire, some will, put some effort into making us smile every day or giving us something to have fun with! Its the next evolution of gaming; don't waste it on Mario 403920 and Ratchet and Clank 12...Give us the good stuff that you hold back! Give us the game we hunger for!!!


- Le Vaughn


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Actually Im on my phone and it's being stupid

[quote user="IsaacClarkeSNL"]

Geez man, you tired from all that digging?


I doubt it. Looks like the dead thread reviver conserved a lot of energy by typing "why" as "Y."

Zombie thread... risen from the grave.

Geez man, you tired from all that digging?

Y do corporations shelve their only good games. Their only original games. The only games worth buying. Y do they shelve the games that require lntelligence. They keep the overly played games for  little kids. It's bull****

Chromehounds was one of my all time favorite games.  The depth of customization and strategy for online play is the best I have ever seen.  No ther mech simulation even comes close.  I am so upset that there will probably never be another game like it.

Care to give examples, because the only really remember 2 big changes, and those were just fixing unbalanced builds.

i would rather have a sequel to Phantom Crash than any of those mech games. yes it only had 3 maps and they weren't very big but, my god that game was fun as hell to play.

i loved tuning up my mechs. all it needed was a multiplayer and that would have been one of my favourite games...well, higher up on my favourite games list anyway.

@Panfoot. They rebalanced it to favour one sort of class then rebalanced it to favour another type of class. It was still too slow and not enjoyable. I hated it.


So the game is horrible because its slow and they actually fixed things? ROFL


The main campaign is essentially just training you on the basics of each class. It really doesn't give a very good impression of the main focus, heck you only get access to about an 8th of the of all the hound parts in the game. Playing just the single player is like just playing a practice mode in a fighting game where the opponent doesn't' respond and is just there so you can figure out combos.

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