UAV/Chopper vs Vads/AA

Prob. stupid to bring this up but.... Choppers can land on AA and Vads and blow them up without taking damage. The other day I  landed a uav Hard on a AA  and it blew up. This needs to be adressed, some significant damage using this move would be appropriate, Thoughts please ty


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old news, it's a cheap tactic, but effective.

Place an AT-mine under AA. Yes you die by it if chopper rockets hit you while on AA, but a good pilot can destroy AA in seconds anyway. If pilot tries to roadkill AA: BOOM! You get lots of points.

Talking about mines Black...

i saw you dropping mines on the side of the road yesterday? Dont you need to place the mines in the middel of the road? Just curious..  

Dusty, tank drivers very often like to cut corners and go off-road. If you mean Heavy Metal, flag B, there was a a funny glitch in post-game stats yesterday. I ran by the buildings with an AT-mine in my hands, knifing wooden fences, drop some more mines and knifed a fence again etc. I got kills with those mines and epic lols when game ended and my most used weapon was knife: 3 kills with knife, not a single dogtag!

chopper was  old news but the uav was new to me.

AT mines are proximity mines arent they? I rarely place my mines in the middle of the road(unless its a high atv-cav traffic area).

I place mines in bushes, behind wrecks and in shadows always two mines, about 10 feet apart, well hidden.

When playing they call me the UAV watch dog i will not knife them.i will pull my tracer dart gun out then put one to there head.then get my RPG out and you no the rest of the story.heheheheh and get some easy points at the time to...later