Two Worlds 2 latest patches and bugs

I finally got the new addition, although it seems to be a Stand-Alone-Extra. Like a small game, instead of added content. I played through the game a couple of times, when it was released. Now it seems that a few patches have been released since then. I have searched everywhere I could, with no results. Being a lot older than the average gamer today, I'm not that cpu guy, to start with.

I was wondering if the "What's Behind That Door" quest was fixed. IIRC, it was the only one that was unable to complete.

I have also noticed that when I try to sprint, it only works in spirts. Sometimes taking 3-4 pulls on the trigger to execute. So, is this a bug with the patch, or is it my controller? I haven't experienced any problems with the LT, in other games. This is a major problem with my Warrior character. It's part of his opening move and playing strategy. 

Any input and problems others have experienced are welcomed. 

Thanks guys


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If u still can't enter then i guess not...i need play it again to see if now i can enter.

Ha! Yes, you're right. If you can't enter, it's not fixed. I deleted all my previous saves, thus starting a new character.