Two Virtual Pros

I'm wondering if this is possible;

My roomate and I want to get both of our virtual pros onto the same career mode or some kind of season mode like that so we can play together, each of us using our pros. Is this possible? When starting a season I know it will ask if you want to import your pro and things like that, but I just don't know if what we're trying to do is possible. Thanks for any help.


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No it is not possible, you can only use one VP per profile. Only way you can play in the same match together is by playing Pro Clubs or Pro Ranked Matches, on separate consoles.

I know, it sucks!

Even if we have two separate XBLgold profiles?

Yep, because I don't think you can use two VP's within the same career mode, unfortunately! Hopefully they will have that feature in a future FIFA !