Two Tone paint schemes

Maybe I'm missing something, but I tried repainting the 65 Mustang Coupe and I can not for the life of me figure out how to change the paint of the secondary color (the stripe along the side of the body)  Any one figure out how to do this?  Or is the only way to do it fitting vinyls over it?  


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Try youtube am alaways finding alot of things like this on Forza 4......Sorry am not a big help........good luck

you cant change the color of the stripe...if you want it 2 toned..... paint a single layer over the whole car...then go in and paint your own stripes whatever color you want

Ok so I take it the same goes with the red Bugatti Veyron?  It seems the paint editors broken, because you can go into manufactors colors and choose a blue on blue paint for the Bugatti but the red doesnt change.  

the editor is not broke...its just the way they made the can change base colors but not i said just go to paint car...apply decales.... pick a square and strech it to fit over the whole top of the car. if you play with different base colors, metalic, color changing etc.... your layers will look a little different, then its just up to what you think looks good.

check out and look at some of the crazy stuff people do...portraits, replicas etc. (assuming you have not checked it out yet) or find your way to my SF or search FATPIG.... :) shameless plug!! lol

LOL Well thats why I asked, I have seen some sick Veyrons and I couldnt figure out how to get rid of the red.  I appreciate the help, and I will check out your SF since you helped.  Dont know if I'll buy anything, I like sitting for hours playing with the designs,  I did up two so far.  A carbon fiber(rough) and an Autobot symbol... dont know why but I like the idea of have the Autobot Fleet in my garage. Had one in Forza 3... why not 4 right?

Where do you go on the game to make a paint scheme for a car?

create vinyl groups.... to create your own images. apply decals to add your created layers or add single layers one at a time

But where? I can't find that option anywhere. Where is it under?

career, pick a car.... paint car