Two Quick Questions

When playing an Ranked Match, if your opponent quits during a match, does it count as a win?

Second, is anyone else's gmae freezing up after the Skarlet download?


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If it says, "De-Synced," no, nor does it count as a loss.  If it says "disconnected," keep your eyes on your record to find out.  My game isn't freezing, but ALOT of people are being de-synced now more than ever, because of the update.  They fixed king-of-the-hill lag, but now people can't even stay in a room for very long.  I'd rather the lag come back.

It's because of the alternate outfits. Don't choose them and everything goes by fine. The moment someone hits start to select a new outfit, be prepared for the match to end, people to leave, or get booted yourself. Sadly, that's the only real fix for it right now, just not choosing an alternate outfit. NRS will work on it, though. I'm sure they're aware of the issue.