Two questions concerning The Pitt

Now I've been to The Pitt and fully completed the main quest within the DLC but my first question is how do I get back to The Pitt? After completing the main missions I left the Pitt knowing that one day I could come back to finish collecting all the Steel Ingots aswell as other things, but for the life of me I cannot remember how to get back there. Wth that aside, my other question concerns the unique or rare items and weapons that were obtainable through The Pitt. Being a huge in game collector of pretty much anything in open world RPG's like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series', I try to collect and accumulate every unique weapon, item or armor there is to find. Not just that but I like to have a few of all the regular items like armors and weapons. So what I'm wondering is does anyone know what exactly all the rare items were from The Pitt? I know I have some of them but I wasn't able to procure all of them and I left the Pitt a long time ago to work on the regular main quest and side missions. I know you get something from collecting all the Steel Ingots (Tribal Armor, i think) and I have Ashur's Power Armor, the Auto Axe and some other things but if someone can provide like a list of the items I can't find in the Capitol Wasteland but can only find in The Pitt, that would be greatly appreciated. I've tried searching the internet but I have to go through the entire Pitt walkthrough to name all the items. That seems like more trouble than it's worth.


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You should be able to go to the train tunnel in the Capital wasteland and click on the rail car apparatus and voila Your in the Pitt.  Go to this shortcut and You can find some of the items including the uniques ( Get the mauler and perforator  from collecting the ingots)

Like gutsy says collect all the ingots .

And make sure to kill Ashur and take his armor. It's ugly, but it's good armor

My favorite PITT item is the metal blaster, It's what a laser rifle should be. Keep it repaired and it will take care of you.

Ah, the Train Tunnel. That's where it's at. Thanks. I'm looking forward to heading back there and getting some of the weapons and armor I missed out on before.

A great stealth/melee weapon is the mauler. On the hardest difficulty it will kill anything You encounter. Don't use it in VATS though, just sneak up and stick in their guts. It wil kill the shielded aliens (MZ) too and can be repaired with rippers.

Too bad my current character isn't a melee guy. That's actually one of his lower stats. I still want it though. Is there a way to know how many Steel Ingots I've already collected?

" Is there a way to know how many Steel Ingots I've already collected? "

Not unless they're still in your inventory.  Note, the ingots will  have weight if you don't pick them all up in the first visit. As the associated quest is complete , they are no longer considered quest items.


This will help you find them,  though I recommend trying to find them all yourself first. It's a chore, but it's worth it..

Also the melee weapons bobblehead is in the Dunwich building , southwest corner of the map.

I really appreciate the help. Thanks again,.

Ugh those Steel Ingots had me stuck for ages but I finally found 2 on the roof of a building I overlooked. Got the Mill Worker achievement :)

Good for you.