Two Headed Giant Deck Builds. help please

I have been trying to figure out what the best build for Ancient Depths for two headed giant. One of the problems im having is all the guides and online help is  for 1v1 and not Two Headed Giant. For example people say, Lorthos is one of the best cards playing him will often guarantee a win" but in Two Headed Giant Lorthos almost always gets countered or put back into your hand, and if not countered then killed on the next turn or even worse one of the 2 opponents take control of him and use him on YOU.  Same thing usally happens to Tidal Kraken and then you have a 6/6 unblockable attacking you.

What do you guys is the best Deck build for Ancient Deths for two headed giant mode? I also like to play Realm of Illusions when my partner plays AD if anyone can give me a good Two headed Giant build for that deck also that would be great. Thanks in advance!


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I'm probably the only person that will say this, and I expect flak for it, but Ancient Depths really isn't all that great for Two-Headed Giant.  I'm speaking strictly from personal experience, not that I use that deck but because I'm a red player and Unquenchable Fire is my deck of choice for 2HG.

To put things in perspective, opponents playing blue-green in 2HG seem more concerned about building up mana for their big creatures than putting down their smaller creatures for minor defense, sometimes even ignoring Coiling Oracle or Ondu Giant.  Usually by turn six or whenever, by the time they have enough mana to play their big creatures, my partner and I have chewed up so much of their life with our little creatures that a single mass attack or a couple burn spells is all we need to finish them off within the next few turns.  It's nice getting Ulamog out on turn seven... but it doesn't matter when you're a single Lava Axe away from losing.

And don't even get me started on New Frontiers.  Anyone playing that and giving everyone six additional lands has resulted in nothing less than getting burn spells up the booty-hole.

For your own build it really depends on what your partner is going to play for their deck.  If your partner is an Unquenchable Fire nut like myself, New Frontiers is extremely helpful.  If your partner plays Realm of Illusions, you may want to keep in as many big creatures as possible.  Hopefully their counters can keep your big creatures on the field.

That being said, I'd suggest overall for 2HG, keep all the small wimpy-looking creatures including Kraken Hatchling.  Elvish Piper is a must but expect it to get killed every time.  Replace two Giant Octopus' with the Assault Zeppelids, they're both four-drop 3/3 creatures anyway.  Take out Tidal Kraken, it's just a target for a kill spell or a couple burns.  For mana acceleration, obviously Cultivate and Explosive Vegetation.  Skyshroud Claim would be your choice.  Yavimaya's Embrace and Æether Mutation are obvious must-haves.  Other than that take out anything you don't like to trim the deck as much as possible.

That's my opinion, feel free to disagree or TL;DR.

The thing is that there's not much difference between building the deck for 2HG or 1v1. You just want to build the best version possible.  The way you play the deck is what may change considerably.    I agree that Kiora is not the best deck for 2HG, but then again it's not that great for 1v1 either.  I would only suggest playing it if at least one of your opponents is playing Garruk, and neither is playing Jace.   As for what to cut, Everyone has different opinions.  My build involves cutting:

  • 2 Kraken Hatchlings ,
  • 2 New Frontiers (really bad)
  •  2 Assault Zeppelid (because I always want to ramp T3),
  •  2 Explosive vegetation (not as good as other ramp cards),
  • 2 Giant Octopus (because I always want to ramp T3),
  •  Levitation (I don't play cards that rely on other cards to be good),
  •  3 Living Destiny (These are terrible),
  •  Isleback Spawn (It's ability never matters so it's overcosted crap),
  •  Tidal Kraken (Not as good as other options. 
  With that said,  I play everything else. A super Potent 60 card deck.  You may think that not having any early creatures is bad, But in reality the deck is so streamline that the pieces fall into place almost every game.  T2 you explore or Oracle, T3 You Cultivate or Skyshoud Claim. T4-5  come big beats.  Your polymorph's and Piper are extremely potent as there's less crappy creatures.  This version (being ramp heavy, creature light) can also afford very aggressive mulligans,  this assures that you can start with both colors almost every game.  The downside is that the deck isn't really all that great to begin with, and decks like Jace will wreck you everytime.

I got pretty much the same build except I use Levitation. Mainly for the flying creatues with Æether mutation also my big guys with shroud can be killed by ground troops but not if they are flying.

I can see it either way when it comes to levitation.  I've certainly gotten my butt kicked by it before.  But I've also seen a lot of people top deck it, when all they needed was any creature to stay alive and possibly win.  And I always say to myself "I'll bet that guy really wishes that was a creature right now"  

In this deck you have so many cards that are not a big creature, im sure that happens alot.