Two Adults for Child Gamertag

I have an 8 year old niece that I want to make a child account for. Right now it will be for when she comes over, but I want her to have the option for taking it with her and hopefully get her own XBox console one day. My sister was hesitant to enter her credit card since it will not be a gold account. I have no problem putting myself as the adult, as long as it won't mess up things later on.


Has anyone else done this for a family member or friend? I tried explaining to my sister that the credit card will not be used but after she attempted to enter it she gave up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


1. Adding an account that can have another adult added as the primary over account.


2. Using my account but not worrying about a young kid charging things.


3. ????


4. Profit!


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I have my niece on my account.  My sister is unknowledgable about xbox live/ parental settings, etc.  My niece has a gold account, but does not have access to my password and can not purchase content (it is one of the online safety settings).  Additionally, I ONLY use a prepaid/loaded visa card.  I put $100 bucks on it, buy the family pack, points or whatever else I want without having to worry that it will be over charged should her account be phished.  Tell your niece she is NEVER to give out her password- ever!    Eventually (now she wants netflix) I am going to have to make my sister an account and transfer her to that family, but for now it works . .

*grumbles* I never got an email that you responded. Sorry! So what if your sister wants to take control of the account? My main concern is making it so she is able to do this at some point. I'm worried that once I place myself as the adult over her account she won't be able to do any changes without me. That's a long time to worry about Aunt Odessa being around to get items, etc... when she wants them.

You would go to your sisters house and help her (or talk her through it) create an adult account.  Then you would remove your niece from your family (there is button that says remove from family) . . . then you would get a prompt asking you to put her with an adult account so you would link your sister's account to hers.  

Dear Aunt Odessa, You are gonna end up the end all and be all, trust me, I got kids, stepkids, whatever... the ball is in your court.

I wasn't really trying to be a smart..., I really mean you hold the bag, Your credit card is it. You have to give points out. If anyone buys points, it goes into your account, then you have to give them an allowance. Doesn't matter if they are 12 or 35. If you are the Family Gold member, it's all you.