Twice Nightly Achievement


I'm going back through the game to pick up achievements. To get the twice Nightly achievement, it says I have to complete the Riddler's Revenge Challenges. (as Batman). Do I need to actually win/collect ALL the medals our just do my best and play through each level? Also, do I have to do all the challenge & campaign maps or just campaign? I've read conflicting info online about that part. Thanks!


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you got that achievement on 21/11/2011.

If you mean the perfect night achievement,


To 100% the game you will need the following done:

Complete the story on either Normal or Hard AND New Game +

Complete all side-missions on BOTH save files

Complete all 400 Riddler Challenges once (data is shared on both save files)

Obtain all Gadgets and Upgrades once (data is shared on both save files)

Obtain Gold on all Riddler's Revenge challenges (as Batman)

In other words: You will have two save files. One on either Normal or Hard difficulty and one for New Game Plus. You will need to complete the story twice, complete all side-missions twice, complete all 400 Riddler Challenges once, collect all Gadgets once, purchase all Upgrades once and complete all Riddler's Revenge challenges once.

Opps.. I guess I meant perfect knight..

I've done everything else 100%, but I'm not really into the combat challenge modes.

But your answer still isn't clear to me. By "Obtain Gold on all Riddler's Revenge challenges (as Batman)" does that mean I have to get EVERY medal in EVERY challegne or just play through them all? =)

Since I'm not really into / like doing the combat challeneges, (Riddler's Revenge Maps) I don't really want to have to try all get every single medal. I'm about halfway done with playing all the campiagn challenges, but I usually only score about 60% of the medals from each challenge. THANKS!

you need gold on EVERY ranked map and campaign maps as batman.


the combat maps are very simple once you get used to a routine of evade and strike.


there are loads of youtube videos for the predator missions if you are struggling with any of them.