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Got the game and been loving it so far but when walking through the southern highlands last night I noticed that when walking quickly a line would appear across my tv screen just fo a sec then disappear was as if the game was catching up ( ahrd to describe). I play on 720p on an older lcd, does this happen in the game or should I go back to 1080i. Should add other games seem fine like kingdom of amalur, its wierd :)


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It's the TV. I have a Sharp Aquos 70' 1080p and when I have it set to Dynamic mode, I will see a blurry line when I'm running through areas with a lot of detail. But when I set my TV to game mode or PC mode it does not show. To satisfy my need, I set my "Xbox HDMI input channel" to game mode and turned off the automatic OPC energy settings.

I pressume you're using an HDMI cable...also, it may have been lag is you were playing online.

Additionally, my game was lagging and freezing a lot over this past weekend so I cleared my cache and downloaded the updates again and I've had no issues since. Make sure your console is getting enough cool air.

cheers cleared my cache, and I already have it in game mode and hdmi, Ill see if the cache helps :)

i have no visual issues. i have 47" 1080p with HDMI. everything looks great.

Sounds like "screen tearing", See link for details;