I always have been scared of sim racers because I dont know how to drive standard.  I was wondering if the past forza taugh noobies how to drive standard in game, then I would assume forza 4 will do the same.  I really want this game but dont want to be last in every race in multiplayer because I am the only one driving automatic.


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I used to be in the same boat as you.  Forza 1 taught me how to properly drive with the racing line they had.  I recommend you buy this game and play with all assists on, including automatic shifting and pay attention to the racing line.

Now I'm a pro at Forza and enjoy playing with all assists off with manual transmission with clutch and the HUD completely off. [Mod Removed]

Patience is key and just like it said in the Forza 1 manual "sometimes you have to go slow to go fast".  Take your turns slow at first without crashing, learn them and try to take them faster next time without crashing.

Maple Valley is the circuit that 'taught' me how to drive in Forza so that's a good track to start with, after that I moved on straight to the Nurburgring Nordschleife, which is probably the most demanding and longest track.  If you can pull off an 8 minute lap without crashing, you can pretty much do any circuit after that.  

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You want tutorials? I got yer tutorials!


basic racing techniques

IGN's Forza3 Walkthrough



I played through all of Forza 1 back on the original Xbox with all of the assists on, and automatic transmission.  It wasn't until Forza 2 that I felt comfortable enough tinkering around under the hood to actually start making some of my own adjustments.  By then, I was comfortable enough and had become confident enough in my own driving abilities to be able to put down relatively consistent lap times so that I knew it was my settings that were making me faster or slower, and not just a case of me getting lucky/unlucky for a particular lap.


Drive however you feel comfortable, then slowly start taking away the safety nets.  That being said, automatic transmission is not necessarily going to make you slow, in and of itself.  I've got a guy on my friends list who drives with Auto and Traction Control, and he's consistently a good 1-2 seconds a lap faster than me (or more) on any given track; and I drive with only ABS enabled.  As one of the links above mentioned, fast guys are just that: fast.  Give them an apple cart and they'll put down a blistering hotlap.


If you do want to make the switch to manual gears, definitely go for it.  Start out with something slow, on a nice short track that you can lap in around a minute or so, and just get a feel for when to shift, how to keep the revs of the engine in the right spot so that you're in the sweet spot as often as possible (don't want the needle bouncing off the redline or bogged way down around 1 or 2k RPMs), get a feel for how to downshift and use your engine to help slow you down, get a feel for throttle control and not constantly mashing the gas...remember, the throttle is analog, it's not an on/off button.


It'll probably all seem a bit overwhelming at first, but keep practicing and before you know it, you'll be dancing through the gears and hotlapping without even really thinking about it, it'll just become instinct.


Oh, and Darkon...I found the trick of using a period between paragraphs to separate them when you post.  It's ridiculous that one would need to resort to something like that, but hey...that's Microsoft for ya, I guess. :\

Thanks Darkon and Trippul I will take your advice !  Is it worth getting a steering wheel?

Well, coming from a current wheel user, of course I'm going to say yes...lol.  It's really up to you and how into the game you want to get.  Personally, I love racing games and play a lot of them, so getting a wheel was a no-brainer for me.  It increases the immersion factor astronomically, and the level of enjoyment is really just so much greater.  


But, if you're just starting out and are not sure how committed you want to get, you might want to wait.  I played through Forza 1, 2, and most of 3 (and countless other racing games) before I finally bit the bullet and got my wheel, and I'm incredibly glad that I finally did.