Turtle Beach / XboxOne question....

About to pick up an XboxOne and I'm starting to get the impression that an older (Turtle Beach X4's) headset is not going to be compatible with the XboxOne controller hook ups?  It's a wireless headset (and for the record has lasted me years and years) but there is the puck connection from the controller to the headset and that's where I think the problem lies....  The input type on the new XboxOne controller looks to different than that of the 360 controller.  My question is, do they make some sort of adapter that can be used w/ the XboxOne controller? 

Maybe those of you who already have an XboxOne can shed a little light on the matter   :-)

Didn't necessarily mean to post in the Cod Ghosts forum, but it is pretty much the only 360 game I play....


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Nope, they don't make an adapter....yet. They actually sent me an email when I asked them and it's gonna be early 2014 before they make it. TB said it's a copyright deal with Ms with the controller. So, "NO" your headsets will "NOT" work!! There's only 2 brand new TB headsets that do work.

I seen a video on youtube on how to splice them together. I done it with the talkback cable I got with my TB Px5's...works perfectly with the xbox one now and just so happens that the turtle beach splice job I done also works with my Astro A40's...

I spliced one cable together, one turtle beach talk back cable to the new xbox one controller and that one cable works for the TB's and the Astro A40's...

Here's the video on how to do it:


It didn't put the whole link there so go to youtube and search for this, it's the actual title:

How To: Use Current Turtle Beach Headset with Xbox One! DIY Adapter! MUST SEE!

Thanks for the input and link Topp Hatt.....

why am I not surprised the adapter is not immediately available.  I would think that I'd be able to use my headset w/out mic capabilities considering there's a digital out hook up on the back of the XboxOne.  Sooner or later I'm gonna have to try out the DIY thing.  Again thanks for the info...

Sorry bout that, but yes, you can use the headsets without the mic...I thought you were talking bout the mic...but yeah all headsets that have the optical output will work with the xbox one. It's just that the mics won't work and I posted a link showing how to fix the mic...

Sorry for misunderstanding you there....

What I've done in the past when my talkback cable broke, also used the TB X4, was used the headset that came with the xbox to talk to people and set the audio output to speakers. That way you can still hear people in your party but sounds like crap.


That's a good way around the problem....never thought of that, much appreciated.  We need to team up in D Match once in awhile..

@Topp Hatt....or anyone reading this post:

As mentioned previously, I have the old school Turtle Beach X4's and have never had issues with them.  I plugged in the Dig. Opt. line to the back of the Xbox1, but all I'm getting is a mid to high tone in the headset.  Nothing that would lead me to believe the headset is playing audio from the xbox1 or the game.  I then tried running the Dig. Opt. directly to the tv from the little X4 stand/monitor, but again just the mid to high tone sound.  

At this point I'm not so much worried about getting the mic portion to work, but rather the headset audio so I can at least hear the game and have the surround sound.  

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong....?  Or is there a setting in the dashboard preferences I should be toying with?  My TB X4's worked flawlessly on my 360, so it's a little disturbing why I'm not getting any audio from the Xbox1?

Any advice/help would be awesome!

Anyone...?  I'm stumped, please look at paragraph above regarding Xbox1 & TB headset.  No audio w/ my TB X4's...

I use TB X32s and they have a little usb powered receiver (mine are wireless) and in that receiver I can plug in a 3.5mm auxiliary cable. I have that going into the headphone jack on my TV. That's how I get game sound to work. As for a mic it's kind of tricky. The Kinect seems to work and sound great for me (since I'm only like 2 feet away from it) in party chat and all other games except for Ghosts. So if you're going to play Ghosts you're either going to have to go mic-less or talk in party with people. Wearing two headsets will give you a headache.


Also I wanted to put this separate, if you have a mic hooked into your controller people talking will not come through your TV and there is no way to adjust this that I know of. But if you use your Kinect and have your headset set up like I do then you'll hear game/party chat just fine.

Great info remedy...much appreciated

As far as my 'no audio' problem...i figured out thet infrared used by the kinect messes with the infrared from my TB X4  docking station.  Once i unplugged the kinect input on the bk of the xbox1, my headset worked fine.  of course I still have the microphone problem bu i will worry about that later

I have wireless TB x32s and I'm trying to figure out how to set them up for the Xbox One. I saw some of the suggestions and attempted to try them (I don't think I did it right.) and it didn't work. Any suggestions?

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