Turtle beach x11 and x12 help

Didnt know where to post this so posted here.

Hope someone could help.

If i buy the x11 or x12 do i need to buy anything extra like HDD cable or anything?

Also which one is better i did pick up the x12 looked in the box saw all the wires and put it back lol are they straight forward to setup


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Based on my experience turtle beach is an inferior product and your probably better off looking at tritton or another TB competitor.

tritton read about these what model do you recommand on a tight budget

I`ve had a pair of X11`s for a few years now and never had a problem, same as anything really, just have to look after them properly.

The X12`s are basically an updated version of the X11`s and a have an additional bass boost function as opposed to just the game and chat volume controls.

This adapter www.amazon.co.uk/.../ref=zg_bs_676521011_60 will make connection of any headset a much easier affair.

And in reply to your second question, don`t let all the wires put you off, they are very simple to connect, as there are detailed instructions for numerous connection set-ups.

Hi,yes you do need the adapter,cost around £3 to £5 online.

I have had the x12s for a year now no complaints.

For budget pair of headphones(I paid £40).very good

set up is straight forward.

The only thing I would say is that once you have them set up if you what to use tv sounds instead of headphones theres no on/off  button on cable (headphones),as far a I can see you would have to disconnect from xbox.I leave mine on all the time as my xbox is not easy to get too.

Not sure if this go for them?

If theres a way to turn them off please let me know ?many thanks

PS is this problem the same for other headphones????

I've had 3 pairs of Turtle Beach headsets and I love them.  The first was an X11 back when the X11 was actually the X12 and it lasted for like 3 years.


In the past 4 years I've had 2 X12 headsets.


I like them a lot.  Good sound and ppl on the other end say I'm clear as crystal when I speak.  Of course I use them on the PC, but for the money you really can't beat them.