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After doing a lot of Reviews. ....I found that for my peticular setup I got in my gameroom. the X11 Headset would be best suited...Or the DX11 which is the X11 headset plus the DSS Audio Processor. I was just posting this here as To If anyone has one of this X11 and what their thoughts are...I'm going to be buying the x11 first due to my budget but I definitely plan on buying the DSS audio Processor later on.


Thanks for the tips...Oh and If you got insight on any other model please share thanks.


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I am not a huge fan of Turtle Beaches. I bought the x31's like a year ago. Within 1 day of my purchase the piece that holds the batteries in place broke. So I had to return them. I now have the X11's. And though the sound is good. I get a loud buzzing noise when the voice is turned up.You can't really hear it when playing a game.. But when on dash it annoys the crap out me. Plus when playing sports games I can't use the TB due to the voice of the broadcast team and friends at the same time drives me nuts.

I guess all and all for the price and quality, they aren't bad. I kinda got them on spare of the moment. And do want a better set. But my next purchase won't be TB.

EDIT: I've also had a few friends complain when in party chat. They say they can hear a buzzing noise and my voice sounds different. So I don't know what that is about.

Got a pair last week and loving them.  It's amazing the sounds you hear that you didn't hear before.

Forgot to add I have the px5's

Thanks for the info. I have read about the buzzing noise and how it disappears when the game starts. as for hearing all sounds I got a surround at home and stuff...But sometimes late a night can wake the fam up ....They have said which World War was I in the night before lol...From the bombs going off haha...Anyways Will be ordering them tonight thanks for the insight.

x11's are a great value but if you are headed towards the DX11, get the Tritton AX 720's instead. They are better quality. Not a fan of TB.

I enjoy my X11's, had them for about 4 months now. I really like the sound and the extra bass I get. (built in tv speakers suck). I rarely use the mic at all, so I have no comment about chat quality going out, but I can actually hear & understand people talking to (or at me most of the time)

I've been rockin' a pair of Turtle Beach X4's myself for a good year or two, and have been thoroughly pleased with the overall quality of these headphones.

Anyhow, I also own a pair of X1's, but the amount of cords needed to hook everything-up is INSANE.  Not to mention, they also require a USB connection to work. Otherwise, the audio quality is pretty fantastic.

In regards to the X4's, I purchased them for about $200 bucks - although, they can be found for "much cheaper" nowadays if you know where to look.

Trust me, "Wireless 5.1 Surround Sound (or 7.1 with the X41's)" is UNQUESTIONABLY the way to go, no doubt about it.  Then again if you only plan on spending $100 dollars or so, you should probably stick with either the X3's, or X31's (both are Stereo only).

Whatever the case may be, my X4's run-off an IR Transmitter, so you need to be in a direct "line-of-sight" with the Transmitter itself for them to operate properly, or else the sound will cut-out.

Some folks also claim they'll hear a small "hissing noise" when it's completely quiet, but I've never had this problem myself.  Lastly, the battery life (2 Triple AAA's) should last a good 20-25 hours before they need to be replaced.

The X31's and X41's (the newest line of Turtle Beach) both run off an RF Frequency, so you can walk around (without a direct-line-of-sight) and still hear everything.

The only potential downfall to "RF" technology, is that some Wireless Adapters might possibly interfere with sound quality - although, it shouldn't be a problem.

Best of luck with your next purchase.

Thanks. The reason for not leaning towards the X31 and X41 is because of their wireless....I got my wireless controller and wireless router all here in the same room. plus the batteries are a pain u know. I went with the X11 and eventually buy the DSS...Ill tested them throughout this year If I dont like Ill try something new :D


So which ones to get. I am considering getting a pair and have just started to look through the forums for what everyone else has got. If your not bothered with chat microphones would you just go with a pair of Sennheiser or are Turtle Beach the way to go? The X41's are very pricey here in Australia ($245) or there are the Senn's for about $150. Not really sure what to go for. I am a stickler for quality and as long as they are brilliant i will pay. But if there are better ones around for cheaper i would rather go down that track.

I got the x11 , and I love them. After breaking the normal xbox packed ones over and over again.

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