turbo controller / auto hammerburst?

epic needs to re-tweek the hammerbursts fireing cycle rate to prevent people from being able to use there turbo controllers online.


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some people just dont have any respect for others they go spend money on a controller just to make them feel like there good at the game pretty sad really like i said in an earlier post think the controllers should be banned esp for online use, but like lord dirt said why would they when MS themselves sell the controllers

the RoF cap is set to just above their fastest testers. I, along with many people I play with, can already hit the cap. Turbo controllers just give them consistency, not any better speed.

Pretty much. also adds accuracy since your not tapping a button while aiming at some dudes face. just gotta aim and pull the trigger. modding still isnt allowed and will get you banned though, so as long as you pay ms for the product, they dont care. turbo controller is kind of a 'legal mod'. but if you take someone else's product and remove/add something to it, that's the 'illegal mod'

why can't they just give us the gears 2 HB mechanism than the current instant downer HB?

They might as well just make the hammerburst autofire for everyone. That way those who got the turbo controllers look more foolish than they already do. It works for the snub as well.