TU9 update gone bad

So since the tU9 update I've had some problems. I made my world before the update and my nether didnt have any nether wart. So after the update I reset my nether multiple times and all that happens is that I get the same nether as I had before just reset to the first state it was in with no nether wart or soul sand. I'm hoping that this can be fixed, I've probably reset my nether 10 times and nothing changes. Is there something I'm missing? Also since the update my world was full of sheep, pigs and cows. Now barely any, close to 0 spawn on the entire world. Only way for me to get any new ones is to breed them. 4J please help me!!!! I really don't want to start a new world!!! My seed is: -5100736102413937357

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nether wart is found in strongholds not out in the open so the reset may have only added a stronghold and not changed the look of the nether it self.  The animals their there they might be trapped in caves or on mountain ledges or something like that so just keep looking around.

I've looked in the fortress and can't find any should sand with or without nether wart... And for the animals same I've looked everywhere can't find any even in caves or on mountains. It's a real downer, now I have to be a vegetarian....

A new update to fix TU9 came out yesterday did you DL that yet Twelfth?

Ya I just downloaded it yesterday. I havnt tried resetting my nether since then but I know I still havnt seen any animals.

Nope I just reset my nether after TU10 and still same nether with nothing new or different

I will see if I can find one for you.

I loaded an old TU7 world that I had been to the nether in.  I reset the nether on load.  There was a fortress and soul sand all over with netherwort.  So it does work, at least for me.

Tu9 has some serious bugs.  They released a 30mb emergency patch, but it didn't fix everything.