TU9 and Ladders

I played Minecraft late last night to see the new changes with TU9 and discovered an annoying issue with ladders. I've always built my ladders 1 block lower than the top so I could have room to place trap-doors which would separate areas as well as keep snow and rain out. Once I reach the top rung, I simply stand on top of the ladder and jump out. However, since TU9 went live, I can't do this anymore. Once I reach the top rung, Steve won't stand still on the top rung so I can jump off the ladder. Instead he bobbles up and down as if he's still trying to climb the ladder and I can't get off of it without going back down the ladder. This makes it incredibly difficult to get to areas on upper floors or that are really high up. Has anyone else had this issue or know of a way to fix it and or get around it?


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They must have made the hitbox on the ladders smaller. This happened on pc but everyone hated it so it eventually got put back. Maybe if everyone complains to 4j about it they will change it back.

I have noticed that it is lagging more than it should also when i place torches in a dark cave the cave stays dark

Ronin, I hope so... Strauser, you're only adding more problems, not solutions. :|

I don't understand why they would do this. If everyone (including myself) hates it why would they just not port it over? So many ladders are ruined because of this.. quartz sound nice, when do we get them?

Beats me. I'm sure they know that it got put back in on the pc so they should have known to keep the ladders the way they were. I'm also surprised they haven't added upside down slabs and stairs yet.