TU4 Issues For Banned Profile And Console. Please Read This Sagacious Article

Epic Games Fail To Answer My Question That I Sent To Them. Well In Sept.10,2011, I Was Planing To Buy The Brand New Gears 3 On The Sept.20,2011 [Mod Edit Please Do Not Name And Shame] Hacked My Account And Change The Password And The Secret Question. And I Went To www.xbox.com And Tried To Sign In But It Will Not Allow Me To Sign In. And Then The Hacker Recover My Account And I Can't Log In To My Account On My Xbox So I Called Microsoft At 7:49 P.M To Tell Them That A Hacker Took My Account And Change My Password And  My Secret Question. Once The Microsoft Supporter Told Me That Don't Worry About It That He Will Block The Account From Me And The Hacker So That The Hacker Can't Use My Credit Card On My Account. The Xbox Supporter Told Me That I Need To Wait For 25 Business Days And 25 Business Is Equal To One Month So I Waited For One ***** Month.And I Use My Other Account To Play Gears 3 For Three Week And I Saw My Account Got Online So I Called Microsoft And Told Them That The Hacker Bypass The Block Account And They Reblock It And They Told Me That I Need To Wait For Another 25 Business Days So I Got Mad. I Got My Account Back On The Nov.30,2011 And I Saw That I Was Label As A Cheater And My Achievement Was Reset Because The Hacker Modded The Gears 3 Achievement On My Account. So I Got Happy Because I Got My Account Back Once Again So I Played Gears On My Main Account And I Saw A Rank On The Right Side That Was Rank 100 With The Star. And I Was Scary Because I Don't Want To Get Ban For The Best Game Ever. And I Went To YouTube And Saw A Boy Modded His Account With All The Metals And Ribbons And I Check My Stat , Metals And Ribbons And It Match With His Account So The Hacker Modded The Achievement For Gears 3 , Stat , Metals And Ribbons. I Played On Main Account For For A Long Time And I Got A Error Message That Said That I Got No Permission To Play Gears 3 And I Log Out And Log In For No Reason And It Allow Me To Play Gears 3 Again So Each Time I Saw That Error Message I Log Out And Log In. After Three Or Four Months A New TU4 Came Up And Started To Download And After The TU4 Downloaded I Can't Play Gears 3 No More So Please Epic Game And Epic Supporters Unban Me Plaese I Don't Modded Anything And I Love This Game So Much That I Went To GameStop And Traded All Of 101 Game For Xbox 360 To My Trade Credit Card. Please Help Me.


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Once again, Epics program detected someone on your Xbox cheated and now you are SOL. Posting on here will NEVER get you unbanned by Epic. I doubt protesting on Epics forums will get you far either. Please stop this madness!

so basically your saying even though its not his fault, because the program detected cheating from the hacker that is on file, hes boned? does that really seem fair to you? I mean why would you care? youve obviously never been hacked or anything but you still complain about someone in despair.

Hard to trust peoples stories these days

Yeah Really , So You Think That I Made This Up By Typing This Here . Who Will Waste There Time Of Typing This Whole Essay

Look @Lord Dirt Copy And Paste My Issues On The Epic Forums Because They Banned My IP Address.

XBL has his gt being hacked ON FILE because they dealt with the problem and blocked his account.

Send a message to @EpicCog referring him to the case # of your hack. If they can corraborate your story you might be in luck with an appeal.

Good luck.

TOA Devil, God Will Bless You For Helping Me But I Sent A Tweet To Him But He Never Answer Me. You Got The Connecting Please Tell Him For Me Please.

I cannot help you on this. I saw that you posted this on the Epic Forums.

PM the member joeGraf

That is Joe's user account. You will get better results.

You've obviously modded your Gamerscore so you deserve the ban and it won't be getting revoked.