TU12 Crash.

So Apparently since I updated, If I fly too fast my Xbox freezes, I've checked all over and apparently I'm the only one in the world with this problem.

fix it. u.u


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-update- So no it's just the world I have been working really hard on for a few weeks now.  also, apparently it just snows in the desert. That's fine i'm hip.......  FIX IT!!

It snows in the desert because the update changed the biome of your old world, but the blocks are already in place. If you enter your seed and create a new world, you will see that if you go to the same place, it will be a new biome.

Fine, whatever I'll just work with it... now explain why my redstone torches kinda want to work as they should and why my game keeps freezing.

Head over here Paul.


You'll have to deal with the snow tho.

thanks, yea I know u.u

whens the tu12 mine craft update

^^lol most people try to jump the gun guessing when a update will come at lest you keep it different. =D

ok I have a problem  with water not harvesting cocoa beans please help

Clear your Cache!

Runs smoother.

did that already.