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Gears of War 3 Title Update 3.1 Inbound

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A new Title Update for Gears of War 3 is on the way and includes a fix that addresses problems some players were having joining matches on dedicated servers. The Title Update will be available starting 2AM Monday February 6th. It will be downloaded automatically by starting Gears 3 while connected to Xbox LIVE.




I don't know about you guys but it seems like it has helped me a lot. Others getting into dedicated rooms now as well?


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sorry haven't noticed anything, at least for me.

I heard they brought back stopping power for the Retro Lancer and Hammerburst; have you guys noticed more cross map battles than Shotty vs. Shotty battles since the update?

I noticed the Retro Lancer was beasting me lately. Seemed like it was beta strong.

stop being so negative about weapon balancing.

lol, just means i can go back to retroing people


I haven't played Gears in over a week, and it doesn't look like I will be online anywhere in the near future. Being responsible sucks!!!!  So I haven't even gotten this new update with the Retro Beta goodness.

only bk randy candy no-skill n00bs retro.

There may not be as much lag as there was, but there is still a ton.  If anything its just more inconsistant, which in some ways makes it worse trying to figure out how each match is going to play out.  The only good thing the TU did was put the FR maps into the rotation which is one bug they actually fixed i guess.  Q: What are the most common words you hear while playing on Escalation? A: "Enemy Reinforcements" since the spawn spot switches every 10 secs.

Is there a way to tell if you have this TU? I don't recall it telling me to download an update, unless it is slient. Regarding the lag mentioned to be 'fixed' by this TU, my lag varies widely, probably because I no longer seem to play on dedicated servers, and it depends on who is host. Living in Alaska, I'm as far from seattle as seattle is from miami, so I will have more signal delay just due to remoteness, unless the host is in Alaska (or Asia). Sometimes though, I know that I'm on the 'lucky' end of the lag spectrum because I just can't seem to lose a gnasher battle (and I'm not that adept yet -- still getting used to this whole controller thingy since I traded in my mouse and keyboard). Other times, I can shoot someone point blank right in the face, multiple times, and end up dying. Hard to gauge skill level with that kind of variation.